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Wazinator Dropkick KSB883 stompbox

Wazinator KSB883  Alloy Dropkick


KSB319 Wazinator Stompbox top view

Wazinator Classic KSB319


Wazinator Minikick stompbox MKX515

Wazinator MiniKick MKX515


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All Wazinator stompboxes offer

• superb playing comfort, whatever your playing style

• phenomenal tone and punch, to enhance your solo sound 

• rich timber tones with plenty of bottom end, to complement your guitar and voice

• total control over dynamics, from super soft to super hard

• resistant to moving around and feeding back

• solid and portable


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Jimmy Rowe - Re. Wazinator Dropkick Stompbox, 2017 -

I agree that AUD300 seems a lot; but I went to the Acoustic Centre in South Melbourne with the intention of buying another stompbox and came away with a Dropkick because it has an incredible depth of sound and is a good, portable size. It has a very clean bass thump or thud; no clicks or high frequency resonant rings. Just good, clean, deep low thud; warmer and deeper than the others. If you get the chance try a side by side comparison and you'll hear what I mean. For the tests I was using a really nice(!) Bose PA system with and without EQ (couldn't afford that one!). When I came home and plugged straight into a clean (bypass EQ) valve amp output stage, into a 4x10 box it still sounded great. Don't get me wrong: the other stompers sounded really good. However, for me the Dropkick's size, portability and deep sound put it above the competition. (I have no affiliation with Wazinator or Acoustic Centre; I'm just another cash strapped muso!)

wazinator stompbox live on stage
Chris Matthews, live with Classic Wazinator stompbox

Jason Delphin - Re. Wazinator Dropkick Stompbox, 2017 -

"to be honest the thing is a beast I do 300 shows a year and its the only thing that doesn't break. You should hear it through a massive PA. I gave up on my real kick drum hahah"

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Joe Robinson with Wazinator stompbox

Joe Robinson

Rich Davies with Wazinator foot drum

Rich Davies

Joe Bonamassa with Wazinator and Warwick Porter

Joe Bonamassa

Lloyd Spiegel and Wazinator stompbox

Lloyd Spiegel

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