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Wazinator KSB319 top view


Check out these great features of the new Wazinator Dropkick:
1. Eye catching aluminum die cast design.
2. Extreme bass - no need to add EQ to get a great tone.
3. Solid Tasmanian Oak impact bar - nothing beats the acoustic properties of timber.
4. High gain - line level output - great if you have limited number of mic inputs on your mixing desk - no worries - input the Dropkick as line level.
5. Passive analog electronics - no need to worry about batteries during your performance.
6. Solid and reliable build quality that is built to withstand a pounding - literally.
7. Weighing only 34 ounces or 950g - easy to carry to your gigs - great for flying with luggage restrictions.
8. Professional instrument that delivers a consistent and musical tone, night after night.

Wazinator KSB319 top view


The Wazinator Classic KSB319 is a trusted professional live performance acoustic stompbox. This patented design uses air compression to activate the pickup. The deep tone generated by stomping the timber pad is highly musical. The KSB319 is the perfect accessory to the acoustic guitar or percussion rig. Add beautiful bottom end stomp to your next performance. Pure enjoyment....

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Wazinator KSB319 top view


Wazinator acoustic stompbox - Classic KSB319 is a beautiful instrument to play. The deep woody tone is why so many professional musicians use one. A large and stable timber playing surface suits playing with heel or toe.

rear view of jack on KSB319 wazinator


The Wazinator Dropkick can be played sitting or standing and it produces a naturally bass rich tone that translates to a full and pleasing acoustic bottom end.

This is the perfect accompaniment to acoustic guitars or a bottom end for any percussion set up.

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Joe Robinson

"As of the last few months i am touring solo (and will be for the foreseeable future) and i've been using the Wazinator and getting some great compliments on it!" 

Jeff Lang

"Hey mate, Have used the Wazinator at quite a few shows now - it works great! Thanks a bunch."

Matt Walsham -

"The Wazinator makes the difference between people listening and dancing"

Lloyd Spiegel

"I feel naked without my Wazinator onstage"