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Wazinator KSB319 top view


Wazinator acoustic stompbox - Classic KSB319 is a beautiful instrument to play. The deep woody tone is why so many professional and semi professional musicians use one.

A large and stable timber playing surface suits playing with heel or toe.

rear view of jack on KSB319 wazinator


The Wazinator can be played sitting or standing and it produces a naturally bass rich tone that translates to a full and pleasing acoustic bottom end.

This is the perfect accompaniment to acoustic guitars or a bottom end for any percussion set up.

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Joe Robinson

"As of the last few months i am touring solo (and will be for the foreseeable future) and i've been using the Wazinator and getting some great compliments on it!" 

Jeff Lang

"Hey mate, Have used the Wazinator at quite a few shows now - it works great! Thanks a bunch."

Matt Walsham -

"The Wazinator makes the difference between people listening and dancing"

Lloyd Spiegel

"I feel naked without my Wazinator onstage"