So which stomp is for you, well check out this chart comparing the Classic and the Dropkick.

We appreciate that buying an acoustic stomp box without testing it yourself can be difficult so please ask as many questions as you need (contact). Below are some of the more common questions....

Pulling a good sound

You shouldn’t need to stomp too hard to get a great sound. 


The output level on each Wazinator KSB319 is mic/instrument level so you will (usually) need to input the stomp on a mixer channel that has a pre amp - this is the same for Mics and passive guitars.


The Wazinator KSB883 dropkick has a higher output so you may get away with inputing this stomp via the line level inputs on your desk. Add some bass eq will also lift the gain, so try adding bass as well if you are trying the KSB883 in a line level. 



So input the stomp, stomp on the unit and set the input gain to unity gain, then add Bass EQ, then check it is still at unity gain.


Can I stand on my Wazinator with all of my weight?

 Yes, they are designed and tested to hold the full weight of a large adult musician or non musician for that matter. The Wazinator can be stamped - hard - but please ensure your sound system does not become damaged with a high output.

Wazinator on stage
Wazinator KSB319 in percussion rig

Why does my friends' old Wazinator sound deeper and stronger than my new

This is because the timber and pickup system loosen up with use. The more you stomp the better the Wazinator will sound. This phenomenon is true with new guitars, cars and PA speakers.

How does your stompbox differ from Ellis and Bigfoot stompbox?


The main difference is the pick up design of the Wazinator. The Wazinator has more air in the sound and is closer to the sound of an acoustic kick drum. The shape of the wazinator is designed to be comfortable and easy to local underfoot. You may play the Wazinator will standing or sitting with heal or toe.


Wazinator pick up is triggered in 2 ways, by pump action and acoustic vibration. The pump action insures a strong bass signal and the acoustic component picks up the tone and quality of the timber.

What sort of lead do I need with my Wazinator

You need a standard jack to jack guitar lead. This lead can go straight into a mixing desk or bass amp.

Do I need to own a DI box?

If you are playing on a large stage with a remote mixing desk (desk out the front) you will need a Direct Input (DI) box. This is required to convert the unbalanced Wazinator signal into a balance signal to run long distances without interference or signal loss. Most professional PA set ups include a DI box so you don't need to own one. But if you are playing lots of gigs with sometimes poorly equipped PAs you may wish to have peace of mind and carry your own DI Box

Jeff Martins well worn and modified KSB319 with DI stage box. 2012
Jeff Martins well worn and modified KSB319 with DI stage box. 2012
Can you do express mailing?

Yes, we usually use

YES. If your are in Australia I usually courier the Wazinator. But you will need to provide a DAYTIME delivery address and contact phone number. We use standard registered Australia Post for remote country regions.

ES, I use standard registered air mail BUT if you need overseas courier express which can save a
couple of days travel time,  I can organize that and pass on the excess fees to you.

How soon can I receive this product?

Dispatch is usually the next working day. Most shipments have a tracking number you can follow.
Australia, courier, 1 - 5 days.
Australia, Standard post, about 5 working days.
NZ allow about 4 working days. See tracking.
USA, the express shipping states 4 days, but in reality please allow 2 weeks before your important gig date. Follow your tracking.
Europe, similar to US, but factor in some strict customs and it can easily be delayed. I put the invoice on the outside of the package, this seems to impress the customs officials.

Will I have to pay import tax on my Wazinator?

Within Australia, No. Outside Australia, usually not but I can't guarantee that. If your overseas postal address is a retail outlet or other commercial business address you will increase your chances of being charged an import duty. If you can provide a residential address if may prove to be a cheaper option for you. For some reason Wazinators shipped to Germany are the most likely to attract an import duty.

I would like to use the Wazinator on my AER amp.

The AER has a range of portable acoustic guitar amps with 2 dedicated inputs as well as auxiliary return inputs. Yes the Wazinator KSB-319 will sound good in these amps as they are powerful, clean and reproduce a strong bass signal. Also if you are running guitar and vocals you could plug the Wazinator into the Auxiliary return with good results. Please be careful not to overdrive your amp as the power of the Wazinator output has been known to damage guitar amps.

I tend to stamp my whole foot or heel. Would this work on the Wazinator?

Go for it, the Wazinator is made for whole foot stamping. Though to create a good bassy signal it is not necessary to stamp hard, but if it feels right do it!

Wondering if I could come check out one of your stomp boxes sometime?

Yes, ask your local music shop to order you one. I have good rates for dealers if they contact me directly . That way you get to try one in the shop and support your local business.

Do I need some kind of bass amp to use the Wazinator when I'm not going
through a PA - any thoughts on this?

For a live performance Yes, and the bigger the better. There are some small powered PA sub bins that would be great, or a small combo bass amp is also good. A small PA will be OK at medium volume but you may need more bass power to let the audience feel your bass as well as hear it.

I am a piano player - I wonder if you have been contacted by any pianists yet?

YES, I have sold a Wazinator to 2 foot stomping pianists. I haven't see or heard the results but it's

What is the pickup system?

Wazinator KSB319 uses a large diaphram microphone/speaker. The Wazinator pick up is triggered in 2 ways, by pump action and acoustic vibration. The pump action insures a strong bass signal and the acoustic component picks up the tone and quality of the timber.

Can I choose the timber design myself?

No, but we do choose the best timber designs during the cutting process to maximize interest and asthetics.

Does each Wazinator have a different sound?

Well yes, but the difference is very slight, brought about by nuances in the timbers. We test each Wazinator as they are finished and compare them to the first Wazinator ever made. We ensure they
have the full bassy sound and are fully functional. 

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